Excerpt from Vanishing Time:


"12:10 PM Thursday, August 14


CAMA TRUESDALE WAS removing a heart when Beethoven’s Fifth trumpeted forth. Resting on the metal table beside his keys, Jake’s phone looked so familiar it was all she could do not to reach over and answer the call. She forced her attention back to the matter at hand, lifted the heart-shaped cookie cutter from the peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and deftly ejected its contents.


The table had been Jake’s before they were married, was hers now they were divorced. She disliked it and the matching chairs, which were unyielding and cold, eye-catching but tolerable only if you didn’t have to sit in one long, the concept more compelling than the reality—like so much in life. Her mother had tried to teach her this: not always to trust what she saw."





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Vanishing Time


“… A cross between Jodi Picoult’s page-turners and the finest psychological dramas."

— Barbara Levenson
author of the Mary Magruder
Katz Mystery series


"I really, really liked this book. It has that contemporary women’s fiction feel with a generous dose of psychological thriller. "

—Lovely Bookshelf

Little Island


“Acutely rendered details of a beloved natural landscape and [a] wise understanding of complex human hearts. The tale is touched with heartbreak but leavened with humor.”

—Reeve Lindbergh
author of Under a Wing
and Forward From Here


Concord Monitor’s Livewell Magazine Top Summer Read, 2014

Her Sister’s Shadow


"Shifting between present day and the late 1960s, two sisters confront their tragic past in Britton's touching debut. Britton seamlessly alternates between the two eras to unravel a tale of rivalry, tragedy, love, and the corruptibility of truth.”

—Publisher’s Weekly


NHPR Top Summer Read, 2011