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In her new novel  Into the Water, Paula Hawkins has apparently taken to heart Jane Burroway’s helpful precept for writers that “only trouble is interesting." Into the Water opens with a three-paragraph prologue entitled “Libby.” By the end of those three paragraphs, Libby has drowned. The first of many. Here's the rest of my review


A National Book Award finalist, News of the World is a beguiling tale of two unlikely companions on the road.  Read more of my review.


Among Kate DiCamillo’s many gifts as an award-winning children's author is the good sense not to pander to children. In Raymie Nightingale, a finalist for the National Book Award, she takes on abandonment and betrayal. Read more.


A Man Called Ove, although not obvious from the first thirty-four pages, is a love story.  For that you have to wait for chapter thirty-eight. My review.


Ordinary Grace, by William Kent Krueger, is a riveting coming-of-age story about a summer of loss, awakening, and grace. My review.


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Try this yummy recipe for Gullah Red Rice with Shrimp, Bacon, & Fennel, created by book blogger, Allroadsleadtothekitchen, inspired by my novel VANISHING TIME.  


And while it's cooking, read her review of Vanishing Time:

"Aside from the fact that this book kept me on the edge of my seat, fervently cheering Cama's drive to find her son—alive, it also made me hungry." Read more...


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Vanishing Time


“… A cross between Jodi Picoult’s page-turners and the finest psychological dramas."

— Barbara Levenson
author of the Mary Magruder
Katz Mystery series


"... a compelling story that uses the search for self and the search for truth as dual themes... Britton’s writing voice is clear, strong, and completely captivating."


Little Island


“Acutely rendered details of a beloved natural landscape and [a] wise understanding of complex human hearts. The tale is touched with heartbreak but leavened with humor.”

—Reeve Lindbergh
author of Under a Wing
and Forward From Here


Concord Monitor’s Livewell Magazine Top Summer Read, 2014

Her Sister’s Shadow


"Shifting between present day and the late 1960s, two sisters confront their tragic past in Britton's touching debut. Britton seamlessly alternates between the two eras to unravel a tale of rivalry, tragedy, love, and the corruptibility of truth.”

—Publisher’s Weekly


NHPR Top Summer Read, 2011